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Thursday, December 23, 2004

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Have we become greedy around Christmas time???

Around this time of year we see many shopper's going out buying gift's for this person that person ect.The question is this have we become greedier over this time of the year, expecting more then we give?.The other day I remarked on a customer who was standing in a long line by myself with her children.One child kept on going about a certain game he has been wanting has his friend's are going to get it for Christmas to his Mother. His Mother reminded him that she has not much money to spend on this year's Christmas, Yet he perisisted in making his Plea's for this game.I noticed one thing of recent times that we are spending more around this time of year and getting us into debt further with massive bill's coming in the New year.I think that we should get back to what Christmas is all about.It is a celebration of Christ's birth.He only received three gift's from the three wise men, to welcome him into our world.My Christmas will be making sure our Daughter Amie will have her first Christmas in the comfort knowing that my Husband and I love her so much and what we give to her is more then a gift can do.Love is the most important thing we can give out.It is not wrapped into a box.

When she will get older I will make sure she know's the value of Christmas and also Money ( which does not grow on trees -If wishes where horse's).Christmas time as a child My Mother and Father taught My Sister and I the values of Money and what Christmas stood for.We was not into the mass gift's that children get these day's .We was extemely happy with what we got.Also spending time with our Father was important to us Sister's as Our Dad worked shift's alot to make ends meet which often encompassed working day's, night's and twenty four hour shift's as a security officer at GE Marconi site in My home city of Leicester,UK.So sharing time with our Dad was special to us.Our mother worked too but a normal sort of day hour's.We enjoyed watching movies and having a great dinner that day and often playing games from monoploy to cluedo.

I just think we have become greedier as time grow's on. Having time with ones family when life is so hectic is so important and special.You do not need money for spending time with loved ones.

Who I am

Who am I??

I am A British woman Living in America since April 2002.I married an American.We have a Daughter together who was born July 2004.And we are expecting another bundle of joy next summer also. I am keen on politics and the way it works the processess ect.I used to be a Pro Bush and Pro War supporter..I have gone away from being that and currently enjoy finding my facts's out regarding this mess and quagmire we have created.I was Born in the United Kingdom back in 1973. I have a decent education constisting of GCSE's and A Levels.I love to study life and seek knowledge on items.